Site Possession – Lot No. 04 of Package 07

The selected contractor for landslide mitigation works at Lot No. 04 (RLVMMP/WORKS/07-LOT 04) of Package 07, M/s RR Construction (Pvt) Ltd. has taken over all the sites on 07th February 2023. 

The Lot 4 work consists of constructions such as Soil nailing, Gabion walls, Debris Barriers, Horizontal drains, and surface drains as slope rectification measures located at Site No. 53 – 8th km Post Ayagama – Egaloya Road Ulugalahena and Site No. 105 – Pallekada Vidyalaya -Ayagama in Rathnapura District, Site No 117 – Molkawa Kelinkanda Rd., Site No. 114 – Kukuleganga Tunnel Entrance Rd., Site No. 116 – Entrance Rd. Kukuleganga Control Unit, Site No. 113 – Access Rd. Kukuleganga dam in Kalutara District.

The representatives from the respective schools, Grama Niladhari of the respective GN Divisions,  and the officials from PMU were joined for this event.

Site No 53 – Ayagama Egaloya Road
Site No 105 – Ayagama Pallekada Vidyalaya
Site No 113 – Access Rd. Kukuleganga dam
Site No 114 -Kukuleganga Tunnel Entrance Rd
Site No 116 – Entrance Rd. Kukuleganga Control Unit
Site No 117 – Kelinkanda Road