Signing Contract Agreement – Contract No: RLVMMP/WORKS/02R

The second contract of the Reduction of Landslide Vulnerabilities by Mitigation Measures Project (RLVMMP) for civil construction works under the Package 2, Phase I of the Component 1 was awarded to M/S Sanguine – Sri Ram Joint Venture on 23rd October 2020 (Contract No: RLVMMP/WORKS/02R). The agreement in respect of this contract, between the State Ministry of Internal Security, Home Affairs and Disaster Management and the Contractor M/S Sanguine – Sri Ram Joint Venture was signed on 19th November 2020 at the State Ministry premises.

On behalf of the State Ministry, S Ranasinghe RW RSP MSc ndu psc, Major General (Retd.), Additional Secretory and Mr. W A R S Wijesinghe, Director of M/s Sanguine – Sri Ram Joint Venture were signed the Agreement document.