Progress Review Site Visits and Meetings โ€“ RLVMMP Package 1 and 2

The initial progress review site visits and the meetings for the Package 1 and Package 2 contracts were carried out on the 16th January 2021 by the NBRO team which comprises members from the Supervisory Consultancy Contract and Project Management Unit, headed by the Director-General of NBRO, Dr. Asiri Karunawardana.

During the site visits, Ayagama town, Kalavana town sites in Package 2, and Pebotuwa, Katandola, Durekkanda, Galaboda sites in Package 1 were covered. The two contractors, M/s Sanguine โ€“ Sri Ram JV (Package 2) and M/s RR Construction (Pvt.) Ltd (Package 1) presented the progress of their construction works at the meetings.
Ayagama Site