Initiating the securing of upcountry railway track

NBRO officials together with officials from Sri Lanka Railway recently conducted a joint field study during 16th and 17th in the upcountry railway line from Rambukkana to Badulla to assess landslide, slope failure and rockfall threats along the railway track and verify proposed rectification designs for each location, which would be implemented under Package 8 in Phase II of the Reduction of Landslide Vulnerability by Mitigation Measures Project (RLVMMP).

It is aimed to reduce the landslide, slope failure and rockfall threats to the upcountry railway by introducing the various type of mitigation measures such as soil anchoring, soil nailing, retaining structures, drainage wells, horizontal drains, surface drains, reshaping, turfing and bioengineering measures in order to ensure smooth, uninterrupted and risk-free transportation to the central highlands.


Tunnel No 33
Tunnel No 31
Tunnel No 30
Tunnel No 23
Tunnel No 15
Kadigamuwa Station
Ella Station
Diyathalawa Station
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