Field Visit to Gangarama Temple & Aniwatta Tunnel with District Secretary – Kandy

Problem-solving discussion and joint field visit to Lewella Gangarama Temple and Aniwatta Tunnel was conducted on 28th September 2023. The aim of the visit was to discuss the District Secretary’s comments forwarded through a letter dated 27th Sept 2023 no KDS/18/1/2/17/(23)  on two mitigation proposals for the above sites.

Mr. C Thennakoon (District Secretary/GA – Kandy), Mr. K G Dharmathilaka (Add. Secretary, Ministry of Defence), Mr. R M S Bandara (PD RLVMMP), Mr. L Indrathilaka (Snr. Geologist – PMU), Chief Reverent, Gangarama Temple and AD DMC Kandy were joined for the event.