Environmental & Social Awareness Programme at Site No: 090 Gammana Vidyalaya (Package 07 Lot 5)

The Environmental & Social Awareness programme was held at Site No: 090 Gammana Vidyalaya (Package 07 Lot 5) on 25th July 2023. Representing the PMU, Geo. Laksiri Indrathilake (Snr. Geologist), Ms. Madara Dissanayake (Snr. E&S Expert) were conducted the programme.

The civil works contractor of this site M/s Edward & Christie Group has arranged the event and their Environmental & Social Officer, also conducted a presentation about the Environmental & Social arrangements at the Site.

The Principal of the School, representatives from the Construction Supervision Consultancy Contract M/s MG Consultant, Grama Niladharini of the area, Teaching Staff, Parents, and the students of the school participated in this event.