Ceremonial Commencement of Landslide Mitigation Works in Matale District

Out of the ten (10) selected landslide-prone sites in Matale District under the RLVMM Project, the symbolic ceremonial commencement of civil construction work at the four (04) sites was held on February 10, 2024, with the esteemed participation of the Hon. State Minister of Defence, Mr. Pramita Bandara Tennakoon.

Chief monk of Walpola Temple, Divisional Secretaries of respective secretariat area (Yatawatta, Rattota, Ukuwela, Matale), Eng. (Dr) Asiri Karunawardena (DG-NBRO), Mr. R M S Bandara (PD-RLVMMP), Officials from DMC Matale District, Representatives from CEB , PMU Officials, Representatives of the relevant Contractors were joined for this event.

The ceremonial activities took place at the following sites.

1. Yatawaththa, Walpola (Location 2)

2. Public Playground, Rattota

3. CEB Power Station, Ukuwela



4. Welikanda road, Balakaduwa